pratipaksha that sh*t


my dear friend, David Lynch, is hosting a weekly online yogic symposium via ZOOM on Wednesdays from 1-2:30 pm PST : pratipaksha that sh*t

with appreciation for this act of connection & community that David is hosting, I’m serving up a supplemental Spotify playlist comprised of vibrations (by humans & non-humans) that turn me on; a curation to communicate a certain dialogue from my beautifully twisted mind, sacred heart & luminous soul (to yours, perhaps?). this playlist is a small gift of collected resonance to accompany the immense love, joy, support & compassion that is being shared & received by the global collective during this unique moment of vital distance & connection.  ONS : a playlist for pratipaksha that sh*t 

om namah shivaya!


photo/flyer by David Lynch, 2020